We apply expertise in digital signal processing to life sciences

Use your existing Real-Time PCR system! No modifications required.

Exclusive rights to Caltech patents

Novel Technology

ChromaCode is deploying a disruptive solution for mid-density, multiplexed analysis, high-definition PCR or HDPCR​ , exclusively licensed from the California Institute of Technology. The technology is comprised of proprietary software and assay design that produces a four-fold (4x) increase in a qPCR instrument’s multiplexing capabilities. For example, rather than being restricted to one target per color channel, a 5-channel qPCR instrument could run 20-plex assays (4 x 5 colors) when combined with ChromaCode. This uniquely enables the production of midplex reagent panels and software that run on the existing qPCR instruments from large manufacturers globally without hardware modification.

  • Multiple targets per color channel
  • Using signal color and intensity to differentiate targets
  • Exdusive license to Caltech l.p.
As a result, HDPCR will enable the large and growing global qPCR instrument population (80,000+) to run midplex panels for both clinical and research applications

Advantages include:

  • Enabling qPCR users to run mid-plex assays heretofore relegated to more complex and cumbersome technologies;
  • Superior speed, ease of use and assay performance by leveraging all the attributes that make qPCR the current gold standard for molecular testing;
  • Rapid development time by using standard and well-validated PCR reagent chemistries that are combined using a proprietary approach;
  • Speed to market as we are not encumbered by the cost and time burdens associated with instrument development and distribution;
  • Access to our proprietary software algorithms via the Cloud

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