Multiplexing the way it should be

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The Future of Multiplexing
ChromaCode’s HDPCR™

ChromaCode’s HDPCR™ is moving multiplexing into the future—utilizing digital signal processing, enhanced PCR reagents and cloud-based software. HDPCR™ technology expands multiplexing capabilities up to 4 times – expanding the number of detectable disease targets in a single reaction. HDPCR technology uses traditional qPCR or dPCR instruments without changes to workflow or instrument hardware or software.

4 times the multiplexing capability
4 times the efficiency, 4 times the savings

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Expanded multiplexing

4-20 targets in a single reaction; broader coverage for more rapid disease identification

low cost of our HDPCR visual of piggy bank

Cost effective

Low-cost chemistry, existing equipment, more results per test, more affordable testing for your lab

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Streamlined adoption

HDPCR works on the most common molecular real time and digital PCR systems already installed in labs

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Intuitive user interface

Streamlined data analysis and management on ChromaCode Cloud™ software