Our Vision:

Connecting patients to the right treatment through smarter, more accessible diagnostics

Our breakthrough High Definition PCR (HDPCR™) multiplexing platform has the power to transform diagnostics, now and in the future—without sacrificing quality. Access actionable biomarkers in your lab with a simple, fast, and affordable solution.


Our technology


HDPCR tests run in labs on common real-time PCR instruments


Compatible real-time PCR instruments installed and available for HDPCR


Enhance the capacity and the multiplexing capabilities of your existing PCR 4 to 10 times


Days to results versus weeks with comprehensive genomic profiling

Multiplexing the way it should be

Take your lab to the next level with our instrument-agnostic platform. With the ability to simplify solutions, you can bring oncology, genomics and infectious disease research and diagnostic applications to your lab.

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Our diagnostic and research solutions

HDPCR for Genomics

From oncology to noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) we’re leading the future of genomics with products that can get powerful insights.

HDPCR genomic products

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HDPCR for Infectious Disease graphic, picture of microscopic bacteria

HDPCR for Infectious Disease

Expand the number of detectable targets on real-time PCR platforms for front-line infectious diseases—from SARS-CoV-2 to multi-drug resistance (MDR) markers.

HDPCR infectious disease products

HDPCR for Infectious Disease graphic, picture of microscopic bacteria

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