Redefining Molecular Testing

Through Data Science

Digital Signal Processing meets

ChromaCode is a cutting-edge company that uniquely merges data science, cloud software, and molecular instrumentation expertise. We use the same data science tools as those used for voice recognition, satellite imaging, and self-driving cars for molecular instrumentation in order to dramatically enhance the information output from these systems.



ChromaCode's Solution for Expanding Access to Multiplexing


Extract new unrealized value
from PCR instrumentation with

High-Definition PCR (HDPCR™) is the coupling of widely-used, low-cost chemistries with ChromaCode’s proprietary data science algorithms. HDPCR seamlessly integrates onto common real-time and digital PCR platforms and allows for development of enhanced multiplexing levels for multiplex applications of 5 – 50 targets without any hardware changes.

Perform multiplexing on instruments previously limited to singleplex testing
sars-cov-2 assay image showcasing our hdpcr, bioinformatics, precision medicine and multiplex pcr

Breathing New Life Into Existing
Real-Time and Digital PCR Instrumentation

Enhanced Multiplexing
Detect 5-50 disease targets in a single reaction using traditional qPCR or dPCR instruments
Platform Agnostic
Compatible with most common qPCR and dPCR instruments with zero hardware modifications required
Frictionless Adoption
Identical workflow to traditional qPCR and dPCR
High Reproducibility
Inter- and intra-instrument reproducibility driven by proprietary signal processing algorithms
Leverages low-cost chemistries and existing instrumentation in lab
Intuitive Interface
Streamlined data analysis and management on the user-friendly ChromaCode Cloud software
Instant test analysis using ChromaCode Cloud

Broadening Accessibility

Lowering Cost

By empowering the enormous, global installed base of real-time PCR and digital PCR instrument to perform multiplexing at a very low cost, HDPCR broadens access to highly impactful multiplex molecular testing. HDPCR will have the potential to reduce healthcare costs and provide a tool to rapidly build multiplex tests, addressing unmet healthcare needs.

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HDPCR assays are for research use only. Not for diagnostic procedures

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We build custom multiplex test solutions directly for clinical labs, CROs, and pharmaceutical developers.
We also partner with instrument manufacturers to enable multiplexing on their real-time or digital PCR instruments.
Please contact us if you would like more information on partnering with ChromaCode.

High-Throughput HDPCR™ SARS-CoV-2 has received FDA Emergency Use Authorization

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