ChromaCode Cloud™

ChromaCode Cloud™ is an intuitive and user-friendly software platform used to analyze results and manage data generated with HDPCR assays. ChromaCode Cloud is designed as a complete end-to-end solution to support all user needs. It combines a wide range of features and a unified interface to enable users to seamlessly navigate from a completed PCR run to results generation and reporting with minimal effort.


ChromaCode Cloud automatically extracts run data and analyzes test results from the most common real-time and digital PCR instruments in use globally


ChromaCode Cloud includes a modern web application that provides rich visualization of assay results, allowing users to drill into data and view it from multiple levels.

Intuitive Results Reporting

ChromaCode Cloud enables users to quickly generate reports that clearly display plate- and well-level QC status and test results. Reports are provided as PDF documents that can be quickly downloaded or saved electronically for record keeping.


Data is stored indefinitely in ChromaCode Cloud and can be accessed by any authorized user for viewing and downloading test results. Users also have the ability to permanently delete any data stored in the system.

Benefits of ChromaCode Cloud

ChromaCode Cloud is provided as a cloud-hosted system. ChromaCode leverages commercial cloud products to build a secure and scalable platform able to support all HDPCR assays in a single environment. Cloud brings a number of benefits for customers, including:

Ease of Development

With ChromaCode Cloud, there is no need to provision new hardware and install the software on local networks. The ChromaCode Cloud software is ready to use and available immediately.

Compatible with common web browsers

ChromaCode Cloud is compatible with the most common web browsers utilized in healthcare facilities, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.


ChromaCode Cloud is designed so that as new versions of the software are released, users can perform a validation in a separate environment before deploying for day-to-day use. In this validation environment, users can re-analyze old data sets with the new version of the software to validate performance.

Low maintenance

ChromaCode manages the centralized software instance and constantly monitors it for performance. Any vulnerabilities identified on the software are immediately addressed and made available with no customer action needed.


With ChromaCode Cloud, customer support can instantaneously diagnose and troubleshoot problems with user test results


Users are able to remotely view results generated in ChromaCode Cloud, making it easy for lab directors to quickly perform quality control of data before results reporting

Data Privacy

ChromaCode treats data privacy as paramount. We ensure no unauthorized access to data can occur. When data is uploaded to ChromaCode Cloud, all non-essential data, such as custom comments or non-relevant signal data, is discarded. We store only the data required to process and display results. Since we do not require or allow protected health information to generate results, there is no risk that important patient data can become exposed.

Data Security

ChromaCode leverages state of the art security controls provided by our cloud partners to ensure that all data is secure. We encrypt all data in the cloud and ensure no unauthorized access to the data. All data access is logged and any unauthorized users on your institutional account can be immediately denied access if necessary.