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ChromaCode is the result of taking a new perspective on an existing problem. The engineers and physicists at Caltech’s nanofabrication wanted to squeeze more performance out of a traditional qPCR instrument.

They evaluated how biologists and clinicians traditionally use the sigmoid shape of the curves generated as a qPCR instrument cycles through multiple amplifications. During their evaluations, they noticed unique features of the signals that weren’t traditionally interrogated.

There were differences in amplitude (height), permutations along the curve and other nuances. Adapting signal analysis techniques normally used in the tech industry and biodefense, they then began to study what these differences indicate about the reaction…were they biologically significant? It turns out, these signal variances are full of rich biological data and can be analyzed using mathematic algorithms.

At ChromaCode, we are leveraging this new perspective. We are developing software and reagent products which leverage these signal processing techniques. By extracting this untapped information, we are dramatically expanding the performance and utility of existing biological detection systems like qPCR.


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