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Green arrow and box graphic representing our real-time sars-cov-2 assay technology

Simple, standard real-time PCR high-throughput workflow

Using TaqMan® reagents and familiar up-front extraction, can be seamlessly adopted in your lab

red graph for our Quantitative real-time sars-cov-2 assay

Quantitative real-time
PCR assay

Scalable to meet fluctuating demand, XPRIZE Winner High-Throughput Category

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Streamlined, user-friendly data management for simplified results interpretation

Test benefits

Self-contained internal control (human RNase P) streamlines workflow and ensures run and sample integrity.

Frictionless adoption by utilizing existing real-time PCR instrumentation, 24-hour evaluation capability, and unparalleled customer support.

Full security and data privacy. HIPAA compliant cloud software that does not store protected health information (PHI).

Inclusive of CDC’s list of variants of concern and of interest. Quarterly inclusivity review against databases and when emerging variants are noted.

The process of our sars-cov-2 assay and nipt genetic testing represented by a green test tube icon, yellow digital icon, red cloud and numbers icon, and a blue results clipboard.


Secure supply and common TaqMan® chemistry

qPCR instrument platforms

Wide range of platforms and simple data upload

Automated analysis with the ChromaCode Cloud

Advanced visualization and reporting with secure and scalable data management

Integration into lab reports

Exportable test results and customizable reporting capabilities

Key Test Specifications

Workflow steps

Automated Workflow

Sample Type

Common upper respiratory samples*

Extraction Instrument Compatibility

Thermo ScientificTM KingfisherTM Flex Purification System

Instruments Compatibility

Applied BiosystemsTM 7500 Fast
Applied BiosystemsTM 7500 Fast Dx
Applied Biosystems QuantStudioTM 5 (96-well, 0.2mL and 384-well)
Applied Biosystems QuantStudioTM 7 (96-well Fast and 384-well)
Applied Biosystems QuantStudioTM 12k Flex (96-well Fast and 384-well)

Control Type

Internal Positive RNase P Control

Run Time

< 1.5 Hours


Scalable: 1-88 samples/96-well plate or 1-373 samples/384-well plate


≤ -20 °C / 12 months


For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. For Emergency Use Authorization Only. Rx Only.

* See IFU for details