ChromaCode’s HDPCR multiplexing technology empowers the enormous, global installed base of real-time and digital PCR instruments to perform multiplex tests for 5-50 targets at a very low cost.

HDPCR is the unique coupling of proprietary data science algorithms with widely-used, low-cost chemistries. HDPCR assays require no changes to instrument hardware and have identical workflow to traditional real-time and digital PCR assays.

Data Science


Engineered for Robustness

While multiplexing with traditional real-time and digital PCR relies on differentiation of targets by color, HDPCR encodes multiple targets into a single color channel using signal intensity to differentiate targets. This is achieved by manipulating primer and probe design and concentration to engineer predictable and reproducible curve signatures.

machine learning and mutliplex real-time pcr protocol with chemistry graph.


No alterations to the traditional
PCR workflow you know inside out

Our bioinformatics PCR amplification process using our workflow technology and multiplex assays