IP Landscape

ChromaCode’s HDPCR™ technology encompasses a broad collection of patents, covering:

Magnifying glass on our bioinformatics and informatic papers.Software algorithms and assay compositions for the detection of multiple analytes in a single reaction

Magnifying glass on a single bioinformatics and informatics paper.Methods for quantifying nucleic acids by manipulating primer ratios​

A person answering questions about bioinformatics and informatics.Various methods for influencing probe signal intensities

ChromaCode’s patent portfolio is comprehensively protected around the globe

ChromaCode’s breakthrough High Definition PCR (HDPCR™) technology is accelerating the advancement in human health by unlocking fundamental interactions in disease states for oncology, prenatal, drug resistance, and infectious disease applications.

By infusing computational mathematics with sophisticated signal processing, machine-learning algorithms, and biochemistry, ChromaCode is advancing diagnostic research by extracting novel information from PCR curve signatures.

Using patented compression chemistry to encode multiple targets into a single PCR reaction, ChromaCode has developed a groundbreaking solution for encoding multiplex assays on real-time and digital PCR systems. While traditional multiplexing with conventional real-time and digital PCR instrumentation relies on the differentiation of targets by color, HDPCR uses amplitude modulation and signal intensity to engineer predictable and reproducible curve signatures to differentiate targets.

As a result, ChromaCode’s HPDCR achieves multiplexing at higher levels by encoding multiple targets within a single-color channel. By offering low-cost assay reagents in combination with propriety cloud-based software, HDPCR can expand multiplexing on commercially available instrumentation without hardware modification.

Accordingly, ChromaCode is addressing unmet healthcare needs by democratizing mid-density, multiplexed analysis, while reducing healthcare costs.​