ChromaCode’s HDPCR™ multiplex technology allows for cost-effective testing of up to 20 targets in a single sample on common, existing qPCR instrumentation.

ChromaCode’s marriage of cutting-edge signal processing and precisely tailored chemistry, allows for highly multiplexed, low-cost chemistry that integrates seamlessly into existing laboratory workflows.

Data Science

Assay Design Optimization

Informed assay design allows use of multidimensional space to achieve high multiplexing and accuracy.

Test Performance Optimization

Proprietary signal processing algorithms overcome thermal and optical variability without instrument modifications — harnessing data science to revolutionize qPCR and produce higher quality results.

Quality Results

HDPCR™ algorithms engineer reproducible curve signatures for uniform inter-and intra-instrument performance.

A green and gray graphic showing our data science assays.


Engineered for Robustness

ChromaCode has optimized standard qPCR chemistry to allow for further differentiation of targets within the limiting factors of standard qPCR by analyzing each target’s unique curve signature created by the HDPCR chemistry. More than 20 targets can be condensed to a single well, while maintaining robust and precise results.

A graph of flourenscent intensity vs cycles, a part of our assay and data science.


graphic showing, Test Samples + ChromaCode Agents Placed in your tool and outputting into our chromacode cloud's data science assays.

Maintain traditional qPCR workflow and instrumentation while streamlining data analysis and management with ChromaCodeCloud™.